US Soccer PHASE 1 (Not before July 6th)
• Small Group Training
• Max of 9 Players/1 Coach
• Adequate Field Space Between Groups
• Maintain Social Distancing
• COVID-19 Prevention Protocols in place

US Soccer PHASE 2 (Not before July 27th)
• Full Team Training Allowed
• Continue Social Distancing
• COVID-19 Prevention Protocols in place

US Soccer PHASE 3 (Not before August 17th)
• Full Team Competitions Allowed
• Continue COVID Mitigation Strategies
• Large events guided by local government

US Soccer PHASE 4 (TBD)
• NO restrictions



• Players/Coaches/Staff should have no sign or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days
• Players/Coaches/Staff have not been exposed to someone that has been ill in the past 14 days
• Players/Coaches/Staff will be required to have their own, water bottle, sanitizer, mask
• Players are not required to wear masks during training but can wear them arriving & leaving training
• Coaches/Staff will be required to wear masks when within 6 feet of others
• Everyone must practice respiratory etiquette by covering coughs, sneezes with tissue or inside of elbow
• Coaches/Staff will ensure the health and safety of all players
• As a club we will follow all state and local health protocols
• Limited or no carpooling with other players
• Parents may stay in car or adhere to social distance requirements based on state & local government
• Coach is the only person to handle all training equipment
• Parents are required to take child’s temperature before attending training
• If players are not feeling well, do not send to training
• Players/Coaches/Staff wash hands thoroughly before and after training
• Player bags must be spaced out during training
• No group celebrations, no high 5’s, no hugs, no handshakes, etc